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Reveal to Heal!

Have you ever been told, "it's all in your head?" This is the classic misunderstanding in the mental health arena today. At Nourish Psychiatry, PLLC we aim to clarify the root cause of your mental instability. It is often not a singular process. It may involve the soul (spirit), the body (physical), the mind (brain), emotions (feelings), thoughts, behavior, and even your gut!

Although clinical psychiatry addresses the neuroscience of chemical imbalances in order to determine if medication management is an appropriate option, there is a broader approach to support your mental health. At Nourish Psychiatry, we commit to a standard of care of at least 60-90min for every new patient intake appointment! There are no skimping on your history or acute issues. We collaborate to get a whole person picture by evaluating acute and chronic distress. Our psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner will take the time to identify, examine, discuss, and deliver a comprehensive treatment plan to encourage a strategy of overall brain health. Check out a glimpse of some key areas of physical "ache" that often manifest with common problems in depression, anxiety, trauma, and emotional fatigue: Let's chat soon if this sounds familiar? Reveal to heal is just a phone consult away so call now for an appt 479-321-4756.

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