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Brain Health Alert!

Brain Overload Alert!

Everyday we are either helping or hurting our brain. The following 4 daily habits may be toxic to your brain:

1) Technology

2) Multitasking

3) Information overload

4) Nutritional deficits

To prevent any neurocognitive decline, we must nourish our psyche. Emotional regulation, mood variances, and impulsivity heighten when the mind and body are out of balance. We are a society fueled by too many tasks, obligations, responsibilities, and it leads to a recipe for dysfunction. Crisis may even occur!

At Nourish Psychiatry, we want to help educate you on the self care management steps to stave off mental deterioration. It starts with brain health!

To hack these poor habits, start with reducing the amount of technology you use daily. Limit screen time and have better sleep hygiene. Then, prioritize that to-do list to ward off over scheduling yourself which ultimately could lead to frustration, mistakes, and the spiraling effects of self worth issues. Focus on intentionality and effort to the life passions you have. The simpler you live, the healthier you become.

Finally, nourish those brain cells. Whatever is biological becomes psychological and vice versa. So you need to eat to fuel brain function and mood stability.

Ask our APRN for the Mental Health Grocery List at your next appointment.

Call today for an appt to discuss how brain health can become part of your mental wellcare.

Nikol Treat, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

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