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Conservative prescriptive care focusing on brain health preservation and reducing side effects of big Pharma.

Utilizing traditional medications or fostering more natural options first, we will discuss medication benefits, risk, and options to best formulate short and long term success for mental health.

To optimize drug therapy, every patient will be offered pharmacogenomic testing as an insight to treatment decisions related to medication choices and how their body responds to drugs.

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Supportive counseling to foster self management success

Brief psychotherapy (less than 6weeks) is offered to help with anxiety, depression, compulsive behaviors, trauma, grief/loss and lifestyle coaching. I believe in a "bootcamp" approach to success in a program called Reveal to Heal.

We write your redemption story together by understanding the past, the acute needs, and goal directed steps for accountability to achieve the outcomes for long term wellness and stability.

Think: collaboration, choices, change, and courage!

Our APRN is an expert in dealing with catastrophic loss or unexpected medical diagnosis, trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, and neurotrauma.

Long term therapy referrals will be made to our community partners for intensive needs. 

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Through a holistic approach to psychiatric needs, I view each patient as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated. This is just one of many procedures I perform when coming up with any diagnosis. Your health deserves proper care and attention and I’m able to provide this via comprehensive assessments related to mind, body, spirit, environment, and lifestyle habits. Please contact me today to schedule an appointment for a 60-90min discovery interview.

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